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Lookout Hollywood

Past TVCM Extra jobs, etc.

Some past "performances" and award winning photography (listed in no particular order)

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On location for movie: EKIDEN
Scene with me as runner in EKIDEN movie

My first movie - yeah!    "Ekiden".
This was an all day shoot at a rural location on a cold, windy winter day
for the movie's finale race scene.  
We all got a good workout sprinting up and down the road at different clips.
Another great "away from the office" day.
Watchout I come! (above photo)

On location for "Remind Me" new single vp here for more BDB!

All day shoot in a cave for BackDrop Bomb's new single
"Remind Me" video promotion. Good fun and laughs were
had with all these guys (above & below photos)

on set

CM poster

I was never a fighting kung-fu pencil before! This poster was made for the Annual Dentsu Advertising Writing Awards Campaign which targets students nationwide to write and submit compositions on advertising. My first!

Hanatsumi on Boso Hanto

"HANATSUMI" selected as finalist in the 1991 Chibaken Kankokyokai-shashin-konkuru (Chiba Prefecture Annual Tourist Bureau Photo Contest). Shot on the Boso-hanto in winter featuring M&M and M.

whats new

Digicam TVCM: Pit crew member on a race circuit scenario starring a Japan pop duo called "K.K.". Shot and aired in Japan in late 1990's.....


...shot while visiting the Lake Carmel NY homeland a few Falls back...which by the way, was also selected and used for SST newsletter coverpage, one of my former employers in Tokyo

ARINAMIN V TVCM: Triathlon race scenario starring C.T., ranked among top 200 fastest triathletes in Japan. Final day of 3-day shoot in Hawaii, great fun, open ocean swimming, pineapple grove and coastline course cycling locations, shot in early 1990's (sidenote: I had good fortune meeting up with C.T. several years later at the Amakusa Triathlon, Kyushu, Japan in which we both competed)

Umakara Beer TVCM: First "big" job, great fun as drunk Russian sailors eating steamed lobster and beer! Shot in Tokyo late 1990's. A friend even saw it on TV in Canada - wow!