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Camp Sloane - YMCA

overnighter at Camp Sloane

A great time for campers and counselors alike

I spent 2 summers outdoors, deep in the woods and countryside of Northern Connecticut, responsible for a tentload of 8 campers, first in the teenage division then next year in the elementary division. I worked the waterfront, pool & lake - Go DT's! (Dark Tanners). We had a great staff from around the globe and campers from mainly the NYC and the tri-state area. Most of the "non-English" speaking kids were assigned to my tent which I truly enjoyed thanks to my Spanish and Japanese abilities at the time.

PHOTO above was taken and developed at camp (see the grainy finish, sorry) during an overnighter where each counselor and his own tent go out and camp on their own away from the main base camp.
Great fun!
Packing canoes, crossing the lake to "unchartered" territories. Kids loved it. This is Hiro, one of the more "energetic" guys in my tent, a great kid. I wonder what he's doing these days?

Here are some other fine memories...

(above l.) Fellow counselor, friend and a great guy, George, from Greece (Olympic skiier, Greece Nat'l Team & flag bearer at Lake Placid). Hey, isn't that Randy in the background with his straw hat?! (above r.) Fellowship "f-u-n" with the girl camp's counselors