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Mi Amor
Molokai 3-Day Bike Trek
1st time with our Pride & Joy
Duke Kahanamoku
Diamond Head shot using special filter - Cool!
Ahhh, the islands...
here are some spots enjoyed while living in Waikiki.
Gee...why do I feel like escaping the ratrace and return there...tomorrow?!  ALOooooHA, bruddas! (shaka)

MTB trek around Molokai - shaka sign!

Me and my GT, no, not in Africa as it may appear (dunno really, I've never been there...) but actually, Molokai!
This very Hawaiian island is a great place to escape to, away from the "hustle and bustle" of...Waikiki?! 'spent 3 days MTBing & camping around the entire island. Superb long weekend! (Actually, I was volunteering at the time, raising money for the local Lung Association. All those who I asked to make $$ donations for this worthy cause helped me achieve Top Contributor recognition from the ALAH (Amercian Lung Assoc. - Honolulu...Mahalo Nui Loa!)
Hanauma Bay
Photography has always been a passion of mine. I want to show off some pics here: HANAUMA BAY - remnants of a volcanic eruption, taken from a whirlybird while on tour around the island. 'spent many a day out there after work for great snorkeling, etc. Swimming with sea turtles, hunting moray eels and tako (octopus - small ones) beyond the breaks...once even found (and later pawned) a gold ring. And don't forget to play in the toilet bowl! Just walk along the reef to your left after going down the steep road to beach, way out from the main area... Great fun!
near Sunset beach (my GT in background)

When you go MTBing here, never go out without a towel, mask and fins. On some longer rides (one circuit loop for example, ridin' out past Diamond Head, through Kahala, out to Hawaii Kai and then 'round past Hanauma Bay and Sunset beach) I'd hit a quiet stretch of beach (i.e. sin turistas) and hang out all afternoon. This beach here is close to the beach house used in Magnum P.I. (you remember..."Book 'em, Danno!" Oops, wrong show). Lots of jellyfish in the waves especially on them "Kona Wind" days brudda, so watch out for their sting and carry some MEAT TENDERIZER. Whatever you do Don't Panic!

...on a new, blacksand beach, Big Island
In the morning was the 5-mile Kilauea Caldrum Rim Run, Big Island. Great fun! Then in afternoon, drove down, top-down, to the coast to see the lava fields. On way there stopped by this black sand beach. The famous original Black Sand Beach is no more, vanished, pau, thanks to lava flows some years ago...
pre-Aloha Tower Marketplace
Aloha Tower Marketplace:
Used to be the old docks and warehouses of Honolulu Harbor but has since been refurbished into a bustling tourist trap. I stopped by to witness the demolition and progress daily on my ride home from work at pier 31. Aloha Tower in background.