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Around Ballaugh and the TT
Around the Isle
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One half Manxman and my homeland visits
I have more kin here than I can count - and numbers keep rising.  As Father Time catches up and especially after recently becoming a dad myself knowing our roots has taken on a high level of priority in my life for both me and my son.   Because in his case one day someone will need to explain how he can have kin on 3 continents! (IOM-USA-ASIA)  I want that to be me. I am fortunate in not having lost touch.  As you will see in following pages I have been to the isle and have kept in touch with most of my immediate Manx relatives often throughout my life and plan to continue doing so. Thank you for your surfing in. I hope you enjoy your visit and learn something about me and the Manx heritage in general.  Cheers! 
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Where mother was born & raised...
Ravensdale Farm

My first visit was in 1971 via BOAC (British Overseas Airlines Corporation) for the summer at age 5.   Many fond memories including milking the cows with Granda (may he rest in peace) setting rabbit snares in the fields with my cousins & uncles, and playing in the creek under Ballaugh Bridge while races were on overhead.
As an adult...pubbing at the Raven, discoing in Ramsey and casinoing in Douglas, playing with my cousins kids and the like...

Isle of Man:  pronounced "ELLAN VANNIN" in Manx-Gaelic. 
Capital: Douglas.
The flag of the Isle of Man is red with the Three Legs of Man emblem (Trinacria), in the center. The three legs are joined at the thigh and bent at the knee, with the toes pointed  clockwise on both sides of the flag. An island in the Irish Sea, Isle of Man is located in western Europe, between Great Britain and Ireland.