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Yo me gusta mucho a viajar...
Our recent "viaje" was the best! Great friends! Great food & drink!
Instead of simple (boring) flight directly to NY from Tokyo like we usually do on visits to the States, we decided this time to be "daring" and visit a good friend & his new family in Mexico City. It was well worth it! During our stay we took a day trip to the South then North, each time traveling some 4-5 hours via the long-distance bus. Very recommendable, comfortable and MUY BARATO! And did I mention those stewardess-like muchachas who ride with you?! (oolala). The towns we visited were Taxco and San Miguel de Allende respectively. We visited Taxco ("x" is pronounced like a "s"), because a Japanese writer named Murakami Haruki had once traveled there, an old, historic, quaint silver mining town midway between Mexico & Acapulco. Photo here was taken by "mi amor" while strolling along the cobblestone like streets there. And San Miguel because it was highly recommended by mi amigo to visit since you can really "feel" the old colonial Mexico.