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in particular). You should set your browser to recognize Kanji (i.e., Chinese characters).
On the Toolbar, go to "View" then find "Character Set" or "Font" and make changes accordingly.

Past Work Experience (listed briefly in chronological order)

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Suminoe Textile of America website TS Document Control SV, Internal Auditor, Interpreter/Translator (Oyagaisha in Japanese)
Mitsubishi Electric Global Website Assistant Manager, Public Relations Department
Dentsu System Coordinator & Translator, Asia Network Division (About Dentsu)
Seikagaku Corporation International Marketing Division
Sibata Scientific Technology Overseas Sales Account Manager & Project Coordinator
Honolulu Agency Shipping Agent @ Honolulu Harbor
Aloha Seven Travel Local tour guide for Japanese pax
Kimitsu City Board of Education Assistant language teacher (sponsored by JET Program)

*Swim instructor - Water Safety Instruction certified by Red Cross *Line Cook - McDonalds & Casa Gallardo - Mexican Cuisine *Camp counselor & lifeguard/swim instructor - Camp Sloane YMCA *Driver - Dominos Pizza *College internship - Better Business Bureau - Greensboro

1995 MS Chaminade University of Honolulu

1987 BA (double) Greensboro College
(Sophomore year as foreign exchange student to Nagasaki)
1983 Graduated Carmel High School

Freelance modeling, Photography,Triathlons

*Japanese language certified by Japanese Language Proficency Test & Japanese Test of Communications

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