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Upcoming Race(s):

None scheduled at the moment

Past events participated in & completed:

Frostbite 5K Yokota AFB (Frostbite official site)

2002 Tour de Kasama, Mount Tsukuba 87Km ride

4th Annual Shonan Beach Marathon 10K Shonan

14th Akigawa Shizenjin 10K-Kanagawa Prefecture-

1st Annual Saitama City 1/2 Marathon 21K-Saitama Arena-

11th Annual Tokyo Bay Urayasu City 21K-Chiba-

12th Akigawa Shizenjin Race 10K, Y2K -Kanagawa Prefecture-

Amakusa International Triathlon, 1997 -Kumamoto Prefecture-

20th Honolulu Marathon, 1992 -Hawaii-

Jan Peek 10K, a "few" summers ago -Peekskill, NY-

Titicus 7-Miler, a "few" summers ago -Purdys, NY-

Other races (photojournal)

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