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aloha keikis


Great-Grandma's house 2000
Grandma's house 2001
2001 Summer
Grandma's house 2003
Tokyo cows 2003
My 1st Aloha
Pics, pics and more pics!
Pics, pics and more pics!
fine shot
Aren't I the darndest cutest little boy you ever laid eyes on?
PC Luke
Hey, howd'ya make all those little Windows move, Daddy?
Lemme try! Lemme try!
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Peace Park
Chillin' with some literature
Daddy likes to run and uses this to plan upcoming races. Someday I want to run with him - but 1st I gotta learn how to walk.
Fast assleep in dreamland...
Walk in the rain
I'm real, really! Don't let my looks fool ya!