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aloha keikis


Great-Grandma's house 2000
Grandma's house 2001
2001 Summer
Grandma's house 2003
Tokyo cows 2003
My 1st Aloha
Pics, pics and more pics!

Mommy and daddy started out very happily on Waikiki Beach
(literally - see below) with simple dreams about life...

mom & dad at Xmas

who is in there

(below) "Is anyone in there?" is what I used to hear Daddy say when he'd talk to Mommy's tummy like this. He must have looked real funny when other people saw him. Mis padres used to stop at this park near Urawa station on way to my routine doctor checkups at the Urawa hospital when it was nice out (Winter, 2000)

phone home


phone homee

(above) at my hospital --- Mommy calling grandma ---
 (below, clockwise from l.) Daddy calling everyone---
I couldn't wait to get home to sleep in my own bed ---
Here I am being "handed over" to Daddy for the 1st time by the nurses---
Already 3 minutes old --- gee, they didn't even shower or shave me or anything!


5 mins old