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Great-Grandma's house 2000
Grandma's house 2001
2001 Summer
Grandma's house 2003
Tokyo cows 2003
My 1st Aloha
Pics, pics and more pics!
aloha keikis
Hi Everyone!
Mommy and daddy finally got it right and.......Here I am!!
I am so happy to be here! Life with mommy and daddy is so much fun nowadays. Daddy is so happy he even studies all different ways to let everyone know about me, especially building my own HP here! 
So please make daddy happy and have a look through all my pictures here. Its mostly me but sometimes mommy and daddy show up and sometimes even grandma and others!
Daddy will try and update this page often with more stuff so be sure to bookmark it, OK?
Luke - 2 days old
3 days old at hospital